Couples therapy can be helpful in:

  • Chronic communication difficulties
  • Intense and/or frequent conflict
  • Detachment and loss of intimacy
  • Dissatisfaction of one or both elements of the couple
  • Difficulty in reconciling the individual needs of one or both elements of the couple with the needs of the couple or the family
  • Separation and divorce
  • Sexual difficulties
  • Parenting difficulties
  • Difficulties in relating to the family of origin of one or both elements of the couple
  • Difficulties in adapting to the different phases of the family life cycle, or to other changes in the family
  • Difficulties related to the occurrence of an extra-marital relationship by one of the couple’s elements
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    The Therapeutic Process:

    Both elements of the couple are present in the sessions, and the therapist acts as a facilitator of communication between them. The intervention has an interactive focus, that is, it focuses on what takes place between the elements of the couple.
    The frequency of the sessions, in the beginning, is usually weekly.